Digital and Enterprise Skills Development for Africa Initiative is a skill based nonprofit established for the acquisition of entrepreneurship, finance and digital literacy competencies to support the development of young talents comprising of youths and women in addressing the problems of unemployment in Nigeria.

Every year, 100 participants undergo a 6-month intensive training to acquire a variety of skills through our enterprise development and information technology centers. With the acquisition of these market demand skills, beneficiaries are qualified to either get a job or start a small business.

Our vision is to see young people become financially independent and able to cater for themselves and other dependents as well as serve as a mentor for other upcoming young talents seeking to build a career in the chosen field of endeavor.

Our mission is to support the drive of getting as many as possible young people into the empower line to foster positive economic growth.

We aim to achieve these in three goal area

Entrepreneurship based training

Entrepreneurship based training for young people goes beyond the need for technical skills as clients have to be offered a variety of options by understanding what needs they seek. This program covers the basics of starting, growing and managing a business. Beyond profitability, as viability and sustainability are key factors in creating a long term enterprise.

Digital Skills Training for Women and Youths

With the world experiencing technological advancement and the need to provide skills that are in demand, our IT based trainings covers mobile applications development, graphics design, website development, software and hard repairs and maintenance, video production and editing, data analysis and search engine optimization.

Workplace Internships

Participants undergo 1-month of compulsory internship after undergoing the development training programmes in order to understand how to serve customers in the marketplace and understand the gaps that exist as needs and how to create a solution to solve these problems. The workplace internship is awarded with a certificate of completion for job readiness.