Digital SkillUp Africa

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Digital technology has revolutionized the way we work and the way we get employed – but many small scale businesses that lack digital skills are being left behind. Job applicants who lack digital skills will find it even harder to get a well-paying job in this this digital age

The truth is, nearly everything we do these days involves a level of digital skill. Furthermore, this is only going to become more prevalent as technology continues to advance, integrate with our lives and be part and parcel of our everyday work lives

Why Digital SkillUp Africa Initiative

It has become so clear that Nigeria and African businesses and Job applicants need digital skills to survive in the digital economy, 

Unfortunately, our educational system continues to produce graduates that lack practical digital  skills required in the digital age. 

This made DESDAI to launch the Digital SkillUp Africa with a single purpose of helping small business owners and individuals to learn practical digital skills and how to use the skills to   improve their career, earn a better income, reach more audiences, become their own boss and most importantly, become financially independent.

Digital skill up Africa