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How To Protect Yourself From Internet Frauds In Nigeria.

Have you ever been a victim of Internet Fraud?

 If  No, then you will learn how to be careful and watchful of fraudsters and if  Yes, this article will also help you stay aware of the new methods being adopted by the fraudsters.

So, What is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud is a type of cybercrime fraud or false profession which makes use of the internet.

It may also involve hiding of information or providing incorrect information for the purpose of deceiving victims out of money, properties and valuables.

The scammer will contact you by email, text message , social media or they might even put a call across ,claiming they are calling from whatsoever bank you use.

Don’t fall for it because to you it might looks real and all, but if you believe,then you have fallen for their trap.

 How this scam works.

After they might have gotten your number from God knows where, they then will call you, mention your name and your bank name.

That will make you believe they are from your bank, then they will ask for the 15 numbers in front of your atm card and also the cvv that is the 3 digit numbers at the back of your ATM card.

Then, if you call the numbers for them all the money in your account will be gone.

Always remember, that no banker  will ever call you and ask these numbers or your PIN.

Have it at the back of your mind that, if you get any call saying all these, the best thing to do is to end the call immediately.

Don’t even utter a word, with these youre preventing yourself from fraudsters .

And never you send your account details to anyone that call you ask for it, or copies of  personal document just to anyone you don’t trust.

Another way on how to protect yourself from internet fraud in nigeria is, when shoping online, shop safely.

Don’t save your password or bank details just on any site youre shopping from.

Protect it by not saving it on the website also.

When you are at the checkout screen, verify that the web address begins with https.

Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol appears on the page.

By checking properly, you will not fall victim of scam.

Another way on how to protect yourself from internet frauds in nigeria is never use pay before delivery option.

Use the cash on delivery option whenevr you transact on an e-commerce sites.

Try go for cash on delivery option to avoid you inputting your bank details online, because some sites are not secured enough.

Another one is always report your lost cards, frauds at once most banks and credit card companies have customer care service to deal with reporting of lost card and eraud.

Once you have raised a complaint about it, you have no additional responsibility for changes which you did not make.

Another one is using fraudulent emails and websites.

This particular fraud occurs when someone poses   as a legitimate company to obtain personal informatoion from you.

Such as account numbers and then make transctions with this information illegally.

Also, another way to protect yourself from fraud is to remember not to open links, pictures  or any unknown contacts youre not sure of.

Do remember to always change your password and input a sronger one.

Also another way these scam works is , you might get a call from someone claiming to be calling from your bank and the person will now ask you for your otp, remember no banker will also call you for that.

They are trying to purchase products from your card and if you get the pin, and you mistakenly send it to them , all the money in your account will be gone.

So always have it at the back of your mind that no banker will ever call you for such.

Another one these scammer do is to come up with an investment plan, disgusing as someone else, they will chat you up on social media, introducing an investment whatsoever to you to invest with them and gain more after one month or so.

Some will start with small money that will make you not to feel like fraud, so after that they will now give you double of what you invested .

To win your heart, after they will now ask you to big bigger money, to you youll be like at least I got the last money, so let me go ahead and do this one.

Well, it might end in tears.

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