Safe Connect Africa

Online safety education and awareness program for African women and children in the digital age

Why online safety awareness program: While the internet has brought so many good things, and the digital age has made so many youths and women to move above poverty line. It has also brought its own risk and dangers

Over Half-a-Billion Africans now have access to the Internet and smartphone usage is on the increase.

COVID 19 has also helped to push more people online, from online banking, socializing, business, etc.

It is no longer possible for most 21st century African citizens to spend a day without their smartphones today. This has enabled opportunities and threats like never before and in ways unimaginable.

safe connect online online safety education and awareness program for Nigeria and Africa

Every day, more women and children including men face one online threat or the other ranging from identity theft, cyberbullying and harassment, email scam, financial scam, miss information. This has created urgent need for online safety awareness program

safe connect Africa online safety education and awareness program for Africa women

Each African online faces this urgent need to be aware of these online threat and how to identify the strategies and techniques of the internet fraudsters so as to be resilient to them. 

These will help all of us to make the full use of technology while staying safe.

Because of the urgent need for Africans to be aware of online threat, Digital and Enterprise Skills Development for African Initiative (DESDAI)  created SAFE CONNECT AFRICA to educate and empower African  women and children and make them digitally literate and aware of online dangers and threats

Safe Connect Africa is an online safety education and awareness program for Africans which focuses more on women and children in the digital age.

online safety awareness program for Africa:
One of the main objective of the safe connect Africa is to educate people in Africa and create awareness about online safety measures and to show that the internet can be a positive place.

Safe connect Africa online safety awareness programs will cover the following

Internet banking fraud and financial scam awareness

Internet safety awareness program in schools, Communities , online, TV/Radio stations ETC

Identity theft awareness

Cyber bullying and harassment awareness

Email scam awareness 

Miss information awareness etc


safe connect online online safety education and awareness program for Nigeria and Africa 1

It has been found that cyber-crimes, financial crimes and internet threats to women and children online are rising by the day and most of them fall victim because of ignorance and not been aware of such threats.
Safe Connect Africa will take this education and awareness program to the grassroots, to women and children who need it the most

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