Our Goal is to train and equip Nigerian youths with digital marketing and website design skills

Why This Scholarship Program?

Digital skills are now so important in everything we do.The aim of this IT scholarship is to help more Nigerian youths to create a career path in Computer and ICT and get a well paying job.

Its also meant to equip business owners with website design and digital marketing skills that will help them attract paying customers, make sales and grow their business

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scholarship training on digital marketing and website design

2021 NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP ON Digital skills is organized to provide Scholarship assistance to deserving youths in Nigeria – 

This scholarship is meant for school Leavers, None Graduate, Under Graduates, Graduates, Business owners , job seekers, Individuals who want to enhance their technical skill-sets and Nigerian students in general who aspire to build a career in I.T.

This is a partially funded scholarship to 250 Nigerian youths. (scholarship Sponsors pays -82.4% — beneficiaries pay -17.6%

*Each participant pays  N30,000,  which is 17.6% of the total fee N170,000.

The training is purely practical and it’s a career based training, that means the participant will not just learn the skills but will also learn how to set up a business or get their dream job using the skills they have learnt

The  training is done batch by batch to ovoid over crowding and to make sure each participant benefit maximally from it.

Previous Classes in Session

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Get Empowered today—learn Website Design and Digital Marketing Skills

Learn step by step how to become a website design and digital marketing consultant

 Learn how to promote any business using digital tools , build personal brand and become a social media influencer

This practical hands-on training will cover

*Website Design Training *Digital marketing  Training

**Certificate issued at the end of the training

Duration: 3 weeks.

All participants will get 6 months after training support


6 months after training support

The purpose of this scholarship is not just to offer training, but to help each participant to develop themselves and use the skills they learnt to get a high paying job or to start their own business. During the six month support, they will be encouraged and guided on the best way to make use of what they learn

Scholarship Details

This scholarship covers

*Digital Marketing and website design.

* Certificate at the end of the training

NOTE: No previous skill is required —Smartness and willingness to learn are the major factors that will see you through

Cost Implication

Normal Fee


Scholarship Fee


Next training date

Registration for the next batch is now ongoing

Next batch of 2021 Digital Skill Scholarship Registration is now ongoing

Screening starts from 3rd July  2021

Training starts on 12th July  2021

Jobs will be given (internship level) to the best student

Hurry, you could be among the selected people

Learn new digital skills–Create a better future for yourself today

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