SEO Masterclass for Business Growth

Learn the exact steps to quickly increase your website ranking on Google to attract paying customers using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! 


What would be your answer?

Do you want your website to appear on the first page of Google search engine result when people search for what you do on Google search so that you keep attracting paying customers on a daily bases even while you are asleep?

⇔ Do you want your business address,phone number, location etc to show up first on Google My Business local listing whenever people around your business search for what you do on Google and be able to contact you directly or visit your office? 

If yes is your answer to the above 2 questions, why not bring out 3 days in the week for 3 weeks to learn practical steps to make your business appear on Google search engine and attract the customers you have always wanted

Look at the things you will be learning in this SEO Masterclass for Business Growth

SEO (Search Engine Optimization processes) :You will understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) how to set up effective SEO strategy and improve your  website ranking to attract paying customers

Keyword research and analysis: How to find the keyword your potential customers are using to search for your business online

Competition research and analysis: we will show you how to spy on your competition online to know the keywords they are using and why they are ranking high, so that you will outrank them

SEO copywriting :  This will show you how to write articles and call to action that your customers will never resist. we will show you how to use your product feature and the customer pain point to hook them and make them buy.>>>Aiming for the heart technique

Business process best practices : here you will learn how to understand the problem your business is solving, how it meets the customers’ pain point, it will go deep into customer identification, segmentation, and conversion rate optimization

Content marketing : Here you will learn why content is king, how to write content for the digital age that will keep bring customers even when you are sleeping and even in the future. It will go deep into the KISS method for better engagement.

Google my Business : With a free Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. Stop losing customers in your location just because they can’t find you on Google my business listing

Google Search Console : Its time to have a look into how people are searching for what you do online, the keywords the use, what they typed on Google. This is a goldmine!!

Bringing them all together in WordPress content optimization using Yoast SEO

If you want to attract paying customers, make more sales and grow your business, then you can't afford to miss this training


If you don’t take this opportunity now to learn all these, you may not have it again.

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Date 18th of August 2020. That means it is starting next tomorrow --Tuesday

Venue: Zoom

Time: 4 pm ( 1:30 to 2 hours per class)

Duration: 3 weeks