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Your support and donation make it possible for us to share knowledge, create online safety education and awareness program that helps African to stay safe online, empower Africans with digital and entrepreneurial  skills and change lives.

You can support in the following ways:

  • Cash Support: this helps us to carry out most of our programs and make our empowerment and scholarship training totally free.

  • Skills Support: if you have a skill that most people need and you are willing to train people free or offer your skills to work for free in some days especially in the area of digital skills and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Partnership: training institutions can partner with us to train and empower Africans either on a partially funded scholarship or free training and seminars.

  • Special guest: if you have achieved something in your area of endeavor or you are a professional in any area e.g. online safety, women empowerment, entrepreneurship, digital skills etc and you believe that Africans can learn one thing or the other from you, please let us know so that we can feature you in any of our programs.

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