WhatsApp Business Mastery Class Training

In this WhatsApp Business Mastery Class, you will Learn how to use WhatsApp Business app to engage your customers, sell more and make more profit and grow your business

WhatsApp App is in almost all smartphones in Africa. WhatsApp is one of the top two messaging apps in the world, used in 187 countries and by 1.5 billion people worldwide.



Thus, it is a natural business progression to tap on this huge userbase of WhatsApp. This course offers the know-how to do exactly that.

As business owners, most a times we focus on what we don’t have thinking immediately we have them our business will grow while leaving thing we already have that if used properly can boost our sales and profit


This is the case of the WhatsApp business app for most entrepreneurs in Africa. they have WhatsApp, but they don’t know how to use it to grow their business—–You could be one of them

It's time to learn how to build a loyal and ever-growing customer base that you can sell to again and again using WhatsApp.

Look around you, almost all your existing and potential customers have whatsapp installed in their phones

This WhatsApp Business Mastery Class offers you practical training on how to use WhatsApp to engage and retain your customers, sell more make more profit to grow your business

 What you will learn in this WhatsApp business mastery class


  • Know the difference between the regular Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business app.

  • Discover the useful business tools Whatsapp Business offers.

  • Find out how to create a business profile and a short link to engage with Whatsapp users.

  • Learn how to label each chat with a customer and how to set greetings and away messages.

  • How to set up WhatsApp catalogue

  • Add quick replies with keywords to reduce your messaging workload.

  • Use other powerful functions to engage with your customers such as pin a chat, mark messages as favorites, create a shortcut for a conversation, and more.

  • How to connect your WhatsApp to your laptop

  • Know how to use Whatsapp for the web to easily manage your customers and send permission-based marketing messages.

  • Discover some marketing tricks such as broadcast messaging, share a photo together with its caption, and design your promotional message with fancy text formatting.

  • Learn to use some free plugins to integrate Whatsapp to your WordPress website.

  • Rules for a successful Whatsapp marketing

  • Common mistakes to avoid whilst selling on WhatsApp

  • How to connect WhatsApp business to facebook 

  • Campaign strategies that can grow your business

Training details

In order promote and impact digital skills to individuals and small businesses in Africa, Desdai set up the DIGITAL SKILLUP AFRICA program

Digital skill up Africa

WhatsApp Business Mastery Class Training is one of such program. The aim is to help individuals and business owners to learn the best way to  use whatsApp business application 

Cost implication

This training is free but every participant is to pay 1,800 Naira for registration and certificate

Two ways you can join this training

At Center for ICT and Computer training Abuja: For those in Abuja or who can come to Abuja. The training venue is  Bizmarrow center for ICT and Computer training Abuja 

Live online training using zoomYou can register from any state and enjoy instructor led practical hands on training at the comfort of your home or office using zoom

The next class comes up in September. Register below to join the waiting list